Saturday, December 19, 2020

Christmas Candle and Stained Glass

 Every Christmas, these jarred candles are placed on the window ledges of the stained glass windows of our church.  This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the church will remain silent and unlit.  However, the Spirit of Christmas will still glow in our hearts, undimmed by the desperate times in which we find ourselves.  We gather in faith via the internet, and pray for a better year ahead.  May those who have lost loved ones find comfort, and may those spared this heartache find resolve to protect each other as we see our way through this to a brighter day.  Matted to 11" x 14". $350.

To the Sky No More

 There is something forlorn about an old stump.  It speaks to me of a time when a majestic tree reached up to the sky, catching the ocean breezes in its swaying branches.  This is a study of textures, and an object lesson in the passing of time.  Matted to 16" x 20". $300.

In The Woods

 A very simple composition, designed to show my students how to paint trees in the fog.  I added the deer, squirrel and woodpecker to give the scene a bit of life. Matted to 11" x 14". $150.

Shingles 1 and Shingles 2

These two paintings were done as a Demo on how I go about painting weathered siding.  I am not sure I have the names right; I thought shingles were the things on a roof.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I have the name "cedar shakes", but I don't find "shakes" in my dictionary.  Anyway, the first one illustrated the technique, and the second one I did primarily to demonstrate how I would paint reflections in the window.  Each is matted to 11" x 14". $250 each, or $400 for the pair.

Sunrise, St. Joseph River

Many paintings have started as projects in the Watercolor class I teach through the South Bend Museum of Art.  This year, those classes have all been taught on-line.  This is one such project, actually two projects: in one class we focused on skies, and painted the top of this composition.  In a later class we took up painting water, and finished the lower portion. Matted to 16" x 20". $250.


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pooka of Inis Maan

 Early one morning, while walking the road on Inis Maan in the Aran Islands, Ireland, I came across this ethereal creature, backlit by the rising sun.  This being Ireland, I knew it couldn't be just a horse.  I could only conclude that I had come upon a mythical Pooka. And so I painted it as such. Framed to 16" x 20". $600

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Blue Jays and Birches

 This is one of my few larger paintings.  I realized awhile ago that I had not painted any birch trees in quite some time.  Also we are starting to see more Blue Jays, a common sight in my childhood,  in our neighborhood.  I decided to combine the two.  This also was the subject that I did as a Demo for the Saint Joe Valley Watercolor Society.  The original image is 16" x 22". Framed 22" x 28". $500