Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Brady's Raft Trip On the Colorado River"

A moment suspended in time: a day floating down the Colorado with my family through the generosity of Brady (who did not accompany us on the trip he arranged for us). One needs to look twice for the light blue "raft", which easily held twelve people, to see the true size and grandeur of the canyon walls rising above us. This painting is dedicated, with thanks, to Brady.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


A trip to the recently added butterfly house at the Potowatomi Zoo yielded this composition. First one, then two, then three of the inhabitants alighted on the fruit set out for their enjoyment. This painting won a Judge's Award at the Norhtern Indiana Artists Exhibit at Lake Michgan College.

"From The Patch"

Each fall my family and I visit our favorite farm, known in Autumn simply as "The Patch". After a hayride and a tromp through the cornfield maze, we go out into the fields to select our Halloween pumpkins. In 2008 the St. Joe Valley Watercolor Society visited The Patch for a day of painting. This is one of my paintings from the visit.

"Morning Mist In Montreat"

A foggy morning in North Carolina inspired several paintings, including this one of the dam on Lake Susan in Montreat. As an excercise in creating depth and atmosphere, it was a perfect subject, with all detail and color disappearing into the mist. This painting is part of the NIA Juried Exhibit at the South Bend Museum of Art.

Friday, February 13, 2009

"Sunset Out West"

This is another view of the sunset portrayed in "Sunset, Bryce Canyon", a painting shown elsewhere on this blog; the amazing end of a beautiful day.

"Lopez Woodshed"

The late-afternoon sun glows off the woodshed in the corner of Plum Ducky, Lopez Island, WA. Many family suppers in the summer months are enjoyed around the picnic table, watching the sun light sparkling off the water.