Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Walk On a Snowy Night"

Done in December, using sepia watercolor, this scene makes me shiver just looking at it.  You can almost hear the crunch of the snow underfoot.

"Pirate's Gold"

The name of this painting was suggested by a student in my watercolor class.  I painted it as a study of clouds and waves, matching the palette to the colors used in Near Port Austin to go into a matching used frame.  The sailing ships were inserted to add to the narrative of the scene.

" Near Port Austin"

Although this looks like a sunset, it is actually a sunrise on the shore of Lake Huron near the town of Port Austin, in the thumb of Michigan.  I must admit, this  painting, like Pirate’s Gold, was done specifically to fit a used frame I found at Goodwill.

"in Joseph's Anxious Eyes"

The Holy Family, inspired by a newspaper photo of a young couple at a candle-light vigil, the visual focal point of this painting is the light between mother and child, but the emotional focal point is in Joseph’s eyes, as he contemplates the enormity of the burden he has undertaken.

"Lost Farm"

This winter scene from the interior of Lopez Island, Washington, explores snow textures on various types of trees and bushes.

"When the Sun Comes Calling"

Inspired by a photo taken by Shelley Malicowski, this was an attempt to capture sunbeams in watercolor.

"The Harpist of Bunratty"

 A scene taken from a photo I took at a banquet in Bunratty Castle, Ireland; the candle flame in the foreground lends an immediacy and a depth to the painting.


Named after a semi-tame squirrel from my childhood, this painting was my first attempt at painting animal fur (except our collie). For the foreground textures I used the crumpled plastic wrap method for the first time in a painting.