Friday, November 19, 2010

"Stairs on Greybeard"

These steps form the entranceway into a property on Greybeard Road, which winds up the lower part of Greybeard Mountain over Montreat, NC. The stepped path always intrigued me. Most of the detail work of this painting was completed sitting at the window table in "The Dripolator", a favorite coffee house in Black Mountain, NC.

"F.M. Rock"

This is a bit more abstract than most of my paintings. It is actually a study of texture and effects. Its title is a play on words; the painting was based on a 1-inch long rock from a rock shop in the South Bend Farmers Market, so "Farmers Market rock" became "F.M. Rock". The textures and colors were all suggested in the polished surface of the small stone.

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Barn Owls in Sligo"

I saw this pair of owls perched in a wall at the bird sanctuary "Where Eagles Fly" in Co. Sligo, Ireland. Their colors and textures blended in so well with the surroundings that they seemed a natural subject for a painting.

"Wild Turkey"

A study in textures and painting negative space, this painting was entered in the Instructors' Show at Studio Art Classes in Mishawaka, IN. The turkey was seen strutting around at a nature preserve near Minneapolis, posing long enough for a few reference photos before disappearing into the woods.

"Drummoney Falls"

This painting depicts a stop beside Drummoney Falls on a sunny day tour of the area around Ederney, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The painting was included in a St. Joe Valley Watercolor Society Exhibit at the Spencer Gallery in Mishawaka, IN.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Silent Forge"

This painting and the one below are both from the same trip to Northern Ireland. In both paintings the lighting was the true subject of the composition. "Silent Forge" and "Schoolhouse, Co. Tyrone" were both accepted into the 2009 Elkhart Juried Regional Exhibit at the Midwest Museum of American Art.

"Schoolhouse, Co. Tyrone"

In the summer of '09 a trip to Ireland and (for the first time) Northern Ireland yielded several paintings, including this one from the old schoolhouse in the Ulster-American Folk Park in County Tyrone. The sunlight streaming into the dark room was compelling. I was especially pleased with the way the highlights on the well-worn bench desk turned out. A patron purchased this painting while it was hanging in the Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhart, Indiana.