Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"The Gate In Winter"

This gate leads onto the ramp down to the beach at Plum Ducky on Lopez Island.  The Island is a popular summer destination; a winter view across the Sound is a more rarely enjoyed sight.


I came across this family in a local park, and thought it would make a good watercolor depiction of parental vigilance.  I painted this grouping when Canada Geese were still quaint in my town, before the exploding population showed what messy birds they can be.

"Gilly's Shore"

The waters of Lake Huron at the tip of the thumb of Michigan extended out to disappear in the haze of the horizon.  The foreground rocks provided a study in watercolor texture and color.  Gilly is the name of the Golden Retriever belonging to our hosts on a memorable Memorial Day Weekend.

"The View from Center Church"

From the churchyard of Center Church on Lopez Island, one can look down Davis Road across the farmland in the interior of the island.  On a day like this one, the sunlight provides sharp focus both for the fence in the foreground and the farm buildings in the distance.

"The Pastor's Pillar"

Based on a photograph taken by Pastor Nancy Nichols, I undertook this painting as a demonstration of texture and shadow.  The pebbled texture of the weathered concrete was achieved by a combination of layered masking and spattering, accentuated with negative space painting to bring out individual stones.  My favorite part was the metallic color on the iron ring.